Corrupted Memory Stick Recovery

Can You Recover Data from a Corrupted Memory Stick?

Memory Stick is a removal flash media device used in digital cameras to store lots of photos and videos. Memory Stick allows you to share and transfer media files in a safe and fast way. Despite its advantages, Memory Sticks are more prone to corruption under various circumstances. Memory Stick corruption makes its files inaccessible and may even lead to loss of valuable media files. Damage/corruption of Memory Stick will be a nightmarish experience if the photos or videos in it are of great importance to you and you don’t have the backup of Memory Stick files. You don’t want to lose your precious files, What to do now? Relax, your Memory Stick files are not permanently lost after its corruption, they just become hidden from the system interface as its allocation information is removed from file table. But lost files continue to remain on a corrupted Memory Stick until they are replaced with new files. Try using recover corrupt memory card software to bring back the lost or inaccessible files from corrupted Memory Stick. Irrespective of the cause of Memory Stick corruption, it can be employed to successfully restore files in few minutes. You can preview the recovered files on its user interface at the end of corrupted Memory Stick recovery process.

Facts responsible for corruption/damage of Memory Stick are as listed below:

  • When you take out the Memory Stick from the camera during the file transfer process or when your digital camera is on for capturing pictures
  • Incorrect formatting of the Memory Stick on computer rather than on a digital camera
  • Continuously using Memory Stick for capturing new photos or videos when the Memory Stick is showing full on memory
  • Switching off the camera or removing Memory Stick when the camera is trying to save taken images
  • Memory Stick might get infected with harmful viruses and damage its file system, due to which its files become unreadable. After a click on, you can easily restore corrupted micro SD card photos.
  • Taking photos when the camera is showing low on battery
  • Sudden system shutdown or power failures during file transfer between Memory Stick and computer

Steps to be followed:

  • Do not format the corrupted Memory Stick from which you want to restore files.
  • Prevent using Memory Stick after its corruption to save new files as it will result in overwriting of lost files leading permanent loss of files.
  • Remove and store your Memory Stick in a safe place to avoid physical damages or exposure to overheat.
  • Download and install the demo version of recover corrupt memory card software on your PC. Run the application, connect Memory Stick as an external drive and perform few basic steps as guided by its user interface to complete corrupted Memory Stick recovery.

What are prominent features of recover corrupt memory card software?

Recover corrupt memory card is made of advanced algorithms that deeply scan your damaged Memory Stick and recovers lost files without modifying their file structure. This tool can locate and restore all popular media file formats from Memory Stick with ease. In addition, it can be employed to retrieve files from formatted, reformatted memory card or even after memory card format error. Recover corrupt memory card is rated as one of best memory card data recovery software for restoring media files from XD card, SD card, SDHC card, CF card, MMC and Memory Sticks in an efficient manner. SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar, Sony, Samsung, etc are the famous memory card manufacturers supported by recover corrupt memory card software. XD card's root directory allows you to store files depending on its storage capacity but if you save large number of file with weird names then directory points to a faulty location and result in data loss. In such case, you can recover files from XD card by using this software.

This tool has the ability to get back generic photo formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD along with RAW image formats from memory card supported by professional digital camera brands. You will be able to restore 3GP files from corrupt CF card by using this application. For more details, click here It will also support recovery of video file types including AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP and RM. You can even get back different music file formats namely MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIFC, RA and AMR from memory cards. This software works compatibly with latest version of Windows operating systems like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008. You can do corrupted memory card file recovery on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard through this software.

Procedure to recover files from corrupted Memory Stick:

(1): First connect the Memory Stick to your computer via card reader or USB cable to computer. Launch the software, you will get a home screen with three different options like “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Volumes / Drives”. Select “Recover Photos” among them to start the recovery process.

Corrupted Memory Card Recovery - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

(2): On next screen you will get two different options “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos”. Select "Recover Lost Photos" to get bacl lost files from Memory Stick.

Corrupted Memory Stick Recovery - Select Mode of Recovery

Figure B: Select Mode of Recovery

(3): On the next screen select Memory Stick as the logical drive from which the files are to be recovered and click on “Next”.

Corrupted Memory Stick Recovery - Select Corrupted Memory Stick

Figure C: Select Corrupted Memory Stick

(4): As soon as you click on “Next”, the recovery process will start. Once the recovery process is completes you can view the list of recovered files from Memory Stick along with their details. Right Click on any recovered file and preview the media file.

Corrupted Memory Stick Recovery - Preview Recovered Data

Fig 4 : Preview Recovered Data

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