How to Recover Data from Corrupted Transcend Memory Card

You can recover a corrupted Transcend memory card data in just few mouse clicks with Corrupted Memory card Recovery software. The free version of the software scans the card, recovers data from it, and offers free preview of the recovered files even before you purchase the license of the tool. So, download the free version and try now!!!

Want to Save Important Files from the Transcend Memory Card?

You may be surprised when you plug out Transcend memory card to the computer or other media device and the moment you try to explore memory card data, you found all files gone from the card. It can stagger you badly when you find an ultimate collection of important files lost or deleted from the memory card storage. Subsequent to such a great loss, you might be searching for an effective solution to save Transcend memory card data. If you are still confused about how to tackle such situation and not getting any exact idea to achieve an optimum result, stop thinking further and go for the best option that is Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software. It is the only software that assistance users to pull out media files of all popular file formats and that is why it is reviewed as the best file recovery application among several leading software.

Transcend memory cards are very common in use for storing files in the camera, mobiles, mp3 players and in other media devices. It is popular among users just because of its fast accessibility performance and compatibility issues. Here are some general reasons, which play key role in making the card data loss or delete and then you cannot use or access the memory card files further.

Abrupt Card Ejection- Usually, most of the users remove memory card from the camera or from their computer USB port without following the proper ejection process. If the file is in use, an abrupt removal of a memory card can result in the file corruption. Moreover, if file transfer process is going on and you eject the card at the same time, it may lead to deletion of files also. Therefore, do not remove the card from the computer/laptop until execution of some message like "Safe to Remove Hardware".

Accidental Formatting- You may end with selecting the Format option mistakenly or in the absent mind while exploring Transcend card data on the camera, mobile or in the computer. Some user executes the Format command just after getting Format Error messages. In addition, you may format the card intentionally after it is corrupted. Once you format the card, it results in loss of whole data contained in the card.

Apart from this, virus infection to card, file system corruption, bad sectors, power surge during card file operation, and an improper use of the card etc. are some leading to a data loss circumstances, which may trouble you a lot by making the data inaccessible and then you need to rescue memory chip data immediately with the help of the software.

Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software is a multipurpose utility that works efficiently in the retrieval of data from various type memory cards such as MMC card, SD card, SDXC, SDHC, microSD memory card, CF cards etc. It is equipped with special eye-catching features to make recovery process easy and smarter. Using this software, you can save all kind of media files such as videos, audios and picture files etc. Moreover, you can use this amazing tool to restore game files from the PS2 card. For more details, log on to

Note: Read this page to get the best solution for restoring video files from corrupted memory card.

Steps to Recover Files from Corrupted Transcend Memory Card

Step-1: First connect the Transcend Memory Card to your computer via card reader. Download and install the Card Recovery Software on your computer and launch it. It will display the main screen with three different options like "Recover Files", "Recover Photos" and "Recover Drives". Select "Recover Files" among them.

Save Transcend Memory Card Data - Main Window

Step-2: After that, you will get two different options like "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" in the next Window. Select any option according to the data loss situation.

Save Transcend Memory Card Data - Select Recovery Option

Step-3: Then select the Transcend card as the logical drive from which the files are to be recovered and click on "Next" button and proceed further.

Save Transcend Memory Card Data - Select Transcend Card

Step-4: The moment, you click on "Next", the recovery process will start. Once the recovery process gets over, you can view the recovered files along with their details on a separate window.

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