How to Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive

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Easy Way to Recover Corrupted USB Drive

Corruption of a USB drive is not an exceptional situation in this digital age. Irrespective of the type of the USB drive and its careful usage, there are so many situations when your USB drive gets corrupted. After such corruption, you will lose all information in that drive as usual. Losing of important information is an extremely terrible situation for any user. But, do not lose your hope, corrupt USB recovery is very easy using this appropriate tool. Though there are so many applications available on the internet, to overcome severe data loss situations of USB drive corruption, this is always recommended. It will help you to retrieve all types of files from the USB drive after all types of corruption.

USB drive is mostly corrupted due to an improper handling of it. It frequently occurs when you transfer files from that drive to your system or vice-versa. USB drive may be corrupted due to an abrupt ejection during this transfer process. Due to this improper ejection of the drive, the file system of it is corrupted. As we know, the file system of any drive keeps information about all files in it, corruption of file system results in a severe loss of data. Then, USB recovery application is very helpful to restore all data from that USB drive. You can get a better outcome in SD, xD, SDHC, CF or any other types of memory card recovery after an improper ejection.

Virus infection is another vital reason behind the corruption USB drive. We commonly use a USB drive on the different computer for file transfer. If you use USB drive in a virus-infected system, there is a better possibility of USB drive corruption depending on its severity. After the corruption of USB drive, it becomes inaccessible to you resulting massive data loss. Then, this utility is a reliable solution to recover that corrupted USB drive data. Similar to USB drive corruption, if any of your mobile or camera memory card is corrupted due to virus infection, no need to find any other application for data rescue. You can easily restore lost pictures from CF card and all';6 other files like audio, video, graphics etc. Apart from these reasons, USB drive may also get corrupted due to sudden system shut down, abrupt power outage when some read/write process is going on to the drive. But, this application will provide satisfactory result after USB drive restoration.

Excluding these reasons, USB drives are prone to corruption due to the error occurred during formatting the drive. When you format the USB drive, and any interruption occurs, then file system will be corrupted and throw an error to you. After that, you cannot access any information from that drive. In such case, USB recovery tool is an appropriate way to perform restoration operation easily. Besides USB drive recovery, you can also use it as a Corrupted Memory Card Recovery tool to restore data from the corrupted memory cards, flash drives etc. To perform successful recovery, it thoroughly scans the storage device and retrieves all types of data based on their file signatures. If you are facing any difficulty to revive files from the memory card on the Mac, visit this link:

Note: One can quickly visit this URL to restore GameCube memory card data lost due to an abrupt ejection of the GamCube memory card during data transfer process, severe virus or malware attacks, accidental deletion, etc.

Easy steps to recover files from corrupted USB drive:

Step I: Download and install the software and connect your USB drive to your system. After launching it, select "Recover Files" option from the main screen as shown in Figure I. Then, select "Recover Lost Files" option from the next screen.

Corrupt USB Recovery - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step II: Now, select the USB drive from the list of all drives as shown in Figure II and then click on "Next". Following that, the recovery process will be initiated on the USB drive.

Corrupt USB Recovery - Select USB Drive

Figure II: Select USB Drive

Step III: After the completion of recovery, all recovered data will be viewed in "Data View" or "File Type View" as shown in Figure III.

Corrupt USB Recovery - Recovered Files

Figure III: Recovered Files

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