Corrupted xD Card Recovery

Use Corrupted Memory Card Recovery tool to extract your data from corrupted xD memory card. Get the trial version for free, and launch it on your system. The software scans the xD card and recovers data in few minutes. Once recovery is done, it displays the list of all the recovered files even before you activate its complete license. Try now!!!

Corrupted xD card recovery

XD card is one of the popular memory cards today. It is generally used in the cameras, camcorders and cell phones. While using these devices, you should be careful not to do anything stupid that might lead you to the problem with the card. The problem occurs when your card gets corrupted and lead you to lose all your photos and videos.

Data loss in XD card is not rare; you may lose files from it due to any reason. It is heartbreaking if you lose your important files by accidental deletion. When you delete your files from the xD card knowingly or by mistake or if you format the card if you were facing card error which is due to the file system corruption then data present in the card do not get deleted forever. Though you cannot view the data present there as it is hidden, it just marked the space as free so that you can add new files. You can restore back files from an xD card by using XD Recovery Software. But once it is overwritten by new files then you cannot get back your data that were present before formatting or deleting. So as soon as you find any problem with your xD card stop using it.

Reasons behind losing files from the xD card

  • While downloading files from the internet, some infectious viruses such as Malware, Adware, Spyware, Trojan horse and Worms may also be download along with those files which may infect your system. So when you connect xD card to your system via card reader and transfer files from one system to other, viruses also get into card along with the files and corrupt xD card, results in inaccessible of data from it.
  • Using XD card of a digital camera in other cameras or camcorders leads to the corruption of the structure of the file in the card which results in inaccessible of data from the xD card and loss of files.
  • During the file transfer process from digital camera to system if you remove cable of the camera improperly or pull it abruptly, before completion of the process then also you may lose data.
  • Improper termination of the system due to power fluctuation or electro-static discharge while transferring files from xD card to the machine may lead to the corruption of device. Or if camcorder or digital camera is showing low battery message continuously and you are clicking photos this can also corrupt XD card.
  • xD card has a root directory which allows you to store files in the card depending on its storing capacity. If you have stored lots of files and saved them with strange names or weird characters then the directory will point to a faulty location which will result in data loss.

With the help of xD card recovery software, you can easily restore lost or deleted photos from the xD card. It comes with an advanced technology that can recover files from a corrupted or broken xD card and also from other storage device like SD card, USB memory card, Pen drive, Hard drive (SATA/ATA/PATA/SCSI/IDE etc.), Memory Stick, FireWire Drive, iPod devices, etc. is accessible in both Windows and Mac Operating system. It can recover lost images from a CF card and also other files like videos, audio files, graphics, etc. with ease without modifying their original contents.

Simple steps to recover files from xD card:

(1): Connect the xD card to your system via card reader or through cable. Then launch the utility, after that a screen with three options “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Volumes/Drives” appears. Then select “Recover Photos” out of the three option to restore files from the xD card

XD card recovery- Recover Photos

Figure A: Select Recover Photos

(2): Then in the next screen, you will find two options. You can select any one option depending on the data loss scenerio, as shown in Figure B.

XD card recovery  - Select the mode of recovery

Figure B: Select Recovery mode

(3): Select the xD card icon to recover files from it and then click the “Next” option to start the recovery process.

XD card recovery- Choose XD card

Figure C: Select XD card

(4): After the completion of recovery process you can preview the recovered files along with their details.

XD card recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Figure D: Preview Recovered Files

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