How to Recover Hidden Files from Memory Card

Use Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software to recover hidden files from memory cards. Download and launch the free Memory Card Recovery software on your system. Now, select the memory card and click Scan button. Wait for the software to complete scanning and recovery process. Once scanning is complete, it displays the list of recovered hidden files before saving. Download and try now for free!!!

Best Way to Restore Memory Card Hidden Files

Are you having trouble finding your important music, picture or other files from the memory card? It is really frustrating when you lose files from memory card due to several known and unknown reasons. After experiencing such an unexpected inaccessibility of files, you will be curious to know how to recover hidden files from a memory card. Well, just keep going through this short article and you will be pleased to know how easy it is to recover hidden files from the memory card. Hidden File Recovery is now made simple with a well-known application recommended by data recovery experts to sort out all type memory card data loss issues. It provides the best mechanism to recover the memory card files such as photos, music files, videos, documents, etc with great ease.

It is very important and good in practice to have such resources if you are dealing with important files. Because you may have saved a unique collection of files such as videos, pictures and other media files on the memory card, you must be aware of the following mistakes, which could result in a severe loss of files.

Forgotten Password- To keep confidential files hidden from others, you may have made your memory card password protected. If you forgot the password, you will not be able to access the memory card data. In this critical stage, if you are not able to remember the password, employ the above-mentioned application to recover hidden files from the memory card.

Virus Infection- It is a very common data loss factor. Virus programs may spread over memory card files while downloading files from unauthorized websites and saving those on the memory card. It can also take place if you are transferring files from other corrupted drives to the memory card. If you are looking for how to restore 3GP files from a damaged CF card, follow this link,

Formatting Memory Card- A common scenario mostly happens with users when they plug memory card with the camera or with other hosting devices, it shows an error message like, “Card is not formatted” or “Memory card is not initialized”. Such error message prompts users to format memory card and usually they proceed with doing the same hence lose all files from the memory card.

Improper Use of the Memory Card- Abrupt ejection of memory card while it in use, using the camera with a low battery, use of the same memory card within different media devices etc. are few actions, which are common among users. As a result of these actions, you may find your files missing from the memory card. In order to perform easy and a complete file recovery from MMC card, visit here

Irrespective of any data loss factor, by using this tool you can rescue data from a corrupted, damaged or inaccessible memory cards. It brings super expediency in the retrieval of lost or deleted files from Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, Sony and other brands of memory cards. Along with the memory card, you can take advantage of this tool in recovering files from flash drives, mobile phones, iPods etc. Moreover, you can employ this simple user-interface to quickly restore data from USB drive with a great ease.

Steps to Recover Hidden Files from the Memory Card

Step I: After the successful launch of the application, on the main screen with three different options. Select "Recover Photos" option among them to restore hidden files as shown in Fig A.

How to Recover Hidden Files from Memory Card - Main Screen

Fig A: Home Window

Step II: On the next screen, select "Recover Lost Photos" option as shown in Fig B.

How to Recover Hidden Files from Memory Card -  Choose Recover Lost Photos

Fig B: Select Recover Lost Photos Option

Step III: Software will show a list of all drives, select the memory card and click on "Next".

How to Recover Hidden Files from Memory Card - Memory Card Selection

Fig C: Select Memory Card

Step IV: After completion of the recovery process, you can view the recovered files along with their details on a separate window as shown in Fig D.

How to Recover Hidden Files from Memory Card - List of Recovered Files

Fig D: Recovered Files List

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