Recover Videos from Corrupted Memory Card

How to recover videos from corrupted SD card? No worries, it is not a big deal. Corrupted Memory Card Recovery tool recovers all your video files from corrupted SD card after severe virus infection, file system error, improper format, abrupt ejection from the electronic device, and other corruption scenarios. Preview the recoevred files for free with the free trial version of this software prior to purchasing the license of the software. Download for free and try now!!!


The best approach to retrieve videos from corrupted memory Card!

Memory cards are the best way to extend the storage capacity of cameras, phones, tablets and other media gadgets. This small memory card offers large space to save videos that you record with your camcorder or download on the smartphone or the tablets. Although, it is a very reliable storage device, which has the capacity to save a number of videos, pictures, music but simultaneously it not immune to several corruption issues. You may lose access to favorite video files if the memory card is corrupted. But, it’s not a subject to worry about your precious assortment of video files because there is an effective solution for you to recover data from the corrupted memory card.

Followings are eventualities where often user left with a corrupted memory card and cannot access the video files:

  • Viruses are the concern for users and they should not take virus corruption lightly.  These automated programs are destructive and highly active in damaging the internal structure of memory card to make it corrupted.
  • You may receive format error message and left with an inaccessible card when the file system of the memory card is corrupted. It happens due to a frequent use of the memory card in different camcorders and other devices. In such condition, users are suggested to do not format memory card otherwise, they will lose all files from the card.
  • Casual use of memory card is also a concern about the memory card corruption. Often users remove memory card abruptly when it is used that results in the corrupted card and then videos and other files become inaccessible. Visit at
  • Video files become corrupted after the formation of the bad sectors on the memory card or due to frequent power surges. Do not access memory card files when the camcorder or phone’s battery is low.

After you know about the memory card corruption, do not format it because it will make it empty and you will lose all media files such as videos, photos, songs etc. Additionally, some users delete videos files from corrupted memory card after files are inaccessible. This is not a gentle way to deal with the problem. If you also have taken such actions, take the advantage of the third-party software to recover videos from a corrupted memory card. The user can restore memory card files without formatting it by using such advanced Corrupted Memory Card Recovery tool.

This application is appraised as the most effective program to restore videos, pictures, music and other media files from the corrupted memory card irrespective of any corruption issue.  With this powerful and result-oriented program, users are empowered with advanced drive-scanning technology to recover videos from corrupted memory card without any loss or damage to the source files. This software facilitates users to retrieve kinds of media files from corrupted, damaged or unreadable SDXC, SDHC, SD, CF, MMC, xD, micro SD card and other type memory cards. Refer this page to to utilize this app for recovering photos from CF memory card after it’s file system is corrupted.


Steps to restore videos from corrupted memory card:

Step I: Connect the corrupted memory card to the system and launch this software. On the home screen, select"Recover Photos" option.

Recover Videos from Corrupted Memory Card - Welcome Screen

Figure I: Welcome Screen

Step II: In this step, you have to select the memory card as the logical drive and then click on next to start the scanning operation.

Retrieve Videos from Corrupted Memory Card - Select Corrupted  Memory Card

Figure II: Select the Corrupted Memory Card


Step III: After the scanning is done, software will show a list of restored files corrupted memory card as shown in figure III.

Restore Videos from Corrupted Memory Card - Recovered Files

Figure III: Recovered Files

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